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May 28, 2014 by

Euro Fever – What does the European Election result tell us?

The results are now in and from the East Midlands region.  We have 2 UKIP, 2 Conservatives and 1 Labour MEP to represent us for the next 5 years

So its disappointment for UKIP who had hoped for three seats and a clear failure for Labour less than twelve months before the General Election. However, the biggest disappointment must be reserved for the Lib-Dems who lost their East Midlands MEP and now have only one left in the whole UK!  If that isn’t bad enough, they finished fifth here in Broxtowe – so much for the party of in!

The results here in Broxtowe should stop the former MP crowing about the recent marginals opinion poll– Palmer was excited over the weekend by an opinion poll taken 7 weeks ago, which appeared to give Labour an 11 point lead over the Tories in Broxtowe– the result on Sunday showed a lead of just over 2%. It’s also important to remember that this is on the Borough Council boundary, which includes Eastwood in the Ashfield Parliamentary constituency. In reality in real elections it’s neck and neck in Broxtowe with just a year until the election – Labour would no doubt have wanted to see a significant margin over the Tories in Broxtowe to be sure of victory in May ’15

Nationally the same is true – Broxtowe really is a microcosm of the national picture… we’re in for an exciting year!

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