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bb‘The Nasty Party’ is a dubious accolade usually reserved for the Tories but in Broxtowe there’s only one winner of the title and that’s Labour. Nick Palmer’s personal attack on Anna Soubry in his latest newsletter was a new low.

His opportunity came as a result of a gobbledegook story in the Daily Mail concerning a triple amputee bullied out of the Army. Apparently, Minister’s should not rely on information provided to them by civil servants. If a Minister can’t do that then how are they supposed to cope with the workload?

One of Anna’s strengths is fearless and refreshing honesty which makes her a popular politician. In this case, she told it as it was, ‘I relied on information supplied to me by my officials and if that Information was wrong, I apologise’. No Labour style spin with Anna, no talk of ‘positive politics’ then ‘stick the boot in’ which is Mr Palmer’s trait.

Judge a man by the company he keeps. The obnoxious, Councillor Steve Barber, was on Palmer’s payroll paid for by the tax-payer, when he was Broxtowe’s MP. Matt Goold, often praised by Palmer continues to pour out his online bile and, happily accusing Anna and her partner of corruption and then cries ‘bullying’ when taken to task.

And where does Nick Palmer stand on key local issues?

The Tram

Last weekend, he went online defending TWA over the three week delay in reopening Chilwell High Road, immediately and wrongly, blaming Severn Trent.


Anna’s Greenbelt Campaign began in 2007, three years before she became an MP. Palmer did nothing to defend the Greenbelt when he was an MP and has kept his head down since whilst the Labour-led Broxtowe Council have continued with their disastrous housing plans against the wishes of their constituents.


Anna saw this as a great regeneration opportunity for Broxtowe requiring imagination to bring enterprise and jobs to Toton. Palmer sat on the fence, ‘yet to be convinced’ whilst Labour merely saw it as another opportunity to build houses. Their reluctance to properly embrace this opportunity was no doubt a factor in probably losing it to Breaston.

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