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Welcome to The Broxtowe Blue, the sensible voice of political thought in Broxtowe, unashamedly Conservative, reflecting the enlightened (Ken Clarke/Anna Soubry) wing of the party.

We want the NHS to remain available to all and free at the point of delivery. We recognise the huge challenge the NHS faces with increased demand from an ageing population and the increased cost of every medical advance not to mention the challenge of managing such a large disparate organisation. We are less concerned about who provides the service, public or private, providing it effectively balances efficiency with quality of care.

Likewise with education, we want our state schools to provide the highest standards of education possible and agree with Ofsted that this requires strong leadership in each and every school. If that leadership prefers academy status to working within a local education authority, so be it.

We believe the primary purpose of the welfare state should be to provide a safety net to those in need, it should not be a way of life for those who have ability to work but choose not to do so.

We want a criminal justice system which sees miscreants properly charged and sentenced but with an emphasis on rehabilitation and reducing re-offending rates.

We believe in localism and that our communities should be properly consulted and listened to in planning matters.

We abhor the actions of bankers which led to the 2008 credit crunch but equally the last Labour government who managed to squander the strong economic position inherited from Ken Clarke through profligate spending based on debt. Britain was living well beyond its means before 2008.

We are pro-Europe but believe our relationship with the EU needs to be re-negotiated leading to repatriation of powers, followed by an in/out referendum.

Above all else we want to see competent government operating within a framework of what the country can afford.

We welcome polite comment on this website; inappropriate comments will be moderated.

If you would like to submit an article for potential posting on Broxtowe Blue please email your idea or article, along with your name and contact details, to thebroxtoweblue@gmail.com. We don’t guarantee that submissions will be posted and we reserve the right to edit submissions before publication.

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